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Application Information

Application is open all year round

Fall semester begins in the middle of September.

Application Steps

International students who want to study at MU University should complete these two steps:

  1.  Apply Online at
  2.  Download application package,Submit application form along with the following materials directly to the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs.

Application Materials

1. Application form

2. All applicants must submit one official "notarized transcripts", either in English or in Chinese. (the copy of the original.)

3. Two letters of recommendation which address the applicant's academic potential, participation in extracurricular activities, personal characte. The letters should be written either in English or in Chinese.

4. Study Plan

5. Financial statement within 3 months to prove students can support his/her living expenses, insurance fee, books and other university related fees. The minimum is USD2,500 or TWD 75,000. It should include your English or Chinese name and should be directly issued by the bank.

6. A photocopy of the applicant's passport or other equivalent supporting documents.

7. Three passport-sized photographs (hard copies).


1. Your official transcript and diploma must be notarized by the Taiwan Representative Office or an embassy of the representative of the Republic of China, Taiwan, in your area. Please find the list of Embassies Abroad at following link

2. Other documents may be required by certain departments or graduate institutes; in this case, the applicant will be informed. 



Application Form


Letters Of Recommendation

MU Letter Cover