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"Bring the World into the Classroom Lecture Series" includes Korean, Vietnamese Customs, and Vietnamese Culture.

Bring the World into the Classroom Lecture Series” included these topics: ‘Go! Let’s go to Korea together’, ‘A Yearning for Vietnam- Vietnamese Customs’, and ‘A Yearning for Vietnam- Vietnamese Culture’ which were held in the Fall 2016 Semester. Through the presentations and interactions from Korean and Vietnamese lecturers, the ‘Bring the World into the Classroom Lecture Series’ aimed to make students realize and understand the present situations and differences of international social cultures.

        With the globalization educational goal, integrating international culture learning and social issues into English lecturing courses through a series of lectures is an innovative proposal of internationalized English lecture courses. By expanding and broadening the orientation of language learning and improving students’ adaption of global ideas, it qualifies students not only as modern citizens, but also as talented candidates with extensive worldviews.

        The Bring the World into the Classroom Lecture Series was a project of subvention during the 2016 Semester in Meiho University from the Ministry of Education for colleges and institutes to improve international cooperation and enhance students’ foreign language ability, of which was conducted by Professor Chih-Hui Yang (from the Department of Biological Science & Technology and the General Education Center) along with Professor Ping-Ping Chou (from the Department of Finance and the General Education Center) and the Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs.















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