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The following tuition rates are based on academic year 2014. The rates are for reference only and are expected to change every year.




Tuition and Fees

Student Insurance

Dormitory Fees


Graduate Institute of Health Care

Graduate Institute of Applied Health and Biotechnology

NT$ 54,772/ semester

NT$500/ semester

Female   NT$12,000/ semester

Male     NT$9,000/ semester

Graduate Institute of Business and Management

NT$ 53,753/ semester


Department of Nursing

NT$ 54,619/ semester

NT$380/ semester

Female   NT$12,000/ semester

Male     NT$9,000/ semester

Department of Health Business Administration

Department of Beauty Science

Department of Biological Science and Technology

Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Department of Hospitality Management

Department of Information Management

Department of Early Childhood Care and Education

Department of Recreation Sports and Health Promotion

NT$ 49,722/ semester

Department of Information Technology

Department of Gemology

NT$ 51,582/ semester

Department of Public Finance

Department of Business Administration

Department of Applied Foreign Languages

Department of Social Work

Department of Cultural Development and Management

Department of Gerontological Service and Management

NT$ 45,478/ semester



1.This form does not include the summer and winter vacation dormitory fees.

Fee Standard of short-term (including summer and winter vacation

Women’dormNTD2500/month, NTD1000/week, NTD200/day for one person.

Men’ dorm NTD2000/month, NTD500/week, NTD100/day for one person.

2.International students must apply for the dormitory during year of study.

3.The university has no dormitory or flat for families or couples.

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