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College of Health and Nursing 
Our college aims to develop the core skills of health care and 
profesionals in accordance with industry needs and trends.The 
specializations concern nursing,biotechnology,beauty science,
nutrition,clinic management techniques,and related topics.
Dept.of Nursing & Graduate Program 
Dept.of Health Business Administration
Dept.of Information Technology
Dept.of Beauty Science
Dept.of Biolohical Science and Technology & Graduate Program
Dept.of Food Science and Nutrition


College of Business and Management
The educational objectives of the College of Business and 
Management are training professional management personnel
specialized in Business Administration, Information 
Management, Finance, and Cultural Innovation for the 
Health Industry. We are focused on specialized fields of 
E-commerce, Creative Marketing, Finance, and Cultural &
Creative Design. We have a strong commitment in our
collaboration with Vietnamese Universities to offer special
overseas programs.
Dept.of Finance
Dept.of Business Administration &Graduate Program
Dept.of Information Management
Dept.of Culture Creativity

College of Human Ecology 
Educational features of Human Ecology College combine people's
livelihood and social services industry professional skills of social
service professionals as the target. We believe in practical
education and preparing students for future careers.
Dept. of Hospitality Management
Dept. of Social & Graduate Program
Dept. of Tourism
Dept. of Recreation Sports and Health Promotion & Graduate Program