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Prospect And Challenge

Due to the rapid development of higher education and technical education, oversupply of colleges, and the elitist education system becoming the popular one, the quality of university education being reduced to that of high school education, and the change of the number of population and its structure, they have increasingly greater impact on our technical education.  Thus, how to deal with them in order for this college to excel and forever continue its operation is imperative and will become an important task in the future.                                         

Looking at the development of Meiho University in perspective in terms of its SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threat), we like to tell of the challenges Meiho University is facing as follows. The strengths of Meiho University lie in its Board of Directors' substantial support of and investment in the college and the excellent tradition of this college, passing down from its first junior college of nursing in Taiwan. However, as this college is situated in southern Taiwan and is a private technical college, it is less competitive when compared with other colleges and universities. Apart from that, it falls short of hardware constructions and top-notch college professors, and it has also difficulty in recruiting professors for a few special courses. Faculty and administrators are encouraged to develop more research articles or industry-academy cooperation papers. The uniqueness of this University needs to be established and its efficiency of administration needs to be uplifted. As the number of the sections and departments in this college is still small, this college cannot make conspicuous its technical specialty and the direction of its operation.  All these are weaknesses that need to be strengthened. On the other hand, the implementation of 2006 MIT Double Increase Project, the campaign of internationalization, and the agreement by the Ministry of Education to allow technical colleges to accept high school graduates, the increasing demand of industry-academy cooperation, all together offer this college a great opportunity to translate its get-off-the- market crisis into a moving force for striving upward. At present, what threatens Meiho most is that most colleges have been promoted to technical universities, taking up all the advantageous beachheads, that after joining WTO, universities from all over the world will be able to recruit students or establish oversea colleges or universities here in Taiwan, and that the college diplomas from Mainland China will be accredited here, too.  Therefore, the quality of all students in this country, their foreign language ability and study attitude should all be elevated.

To deal with the above challenges, this college has to carry out English make-up teaching to upgrade its students' English ability, with a view to improving the unfavorable perception about the technical school students' English ability.  In addition, this college should continue to do research and carry on academic cooperation through internationally academic exchange programs and establishing sister schools with internationally well-known colleges and universities, so that the international horizon of its professors and students can be expanded; moreover, the most advanced ideas and technologies can be brought into our country, thus enhancing our academic research. Meiho University shall work toward the teaching goals of “Professionalism by obtaining certificate and license as our first choice and  employment as our first priority,” of “Cultivation of a complete individual by developing a man of creation and leadership,” and of “Internationalization by elevating foreign language ability and strengthening international competitiveness.” Despite the fact that it is a private college; however, under the full support of the Board of Directors of this University, and with constant expansion of this college campus, upgrading the college software equipment and now actively building the most remarkable student's dormitories, it is our hope that they will give our professors and students an excellent  teaching, research, and learning environment.

 Apart from that, and with the sofeware equipment of the college, the administrative units have strongly emphasized personal administration, not only to increase the efficiency of the campus administration and to uplift the working attitude by taking initative in service, but to replace the conventional method with enterprise-like organizational administration, to enhance the horizontal connection and communication between administrative units and to possess the ability to discover problems and solve problems. "Slow improvement is retrogression. The technical education has confronted its unprecedented challenges, so only by translating its crisis into a turning opportunity can we jointly create a new Meiho University."