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School's History

Meiho University has an interesting history which has brought us to where we are today. Many people know the university was the first private nursing junior college in Taiwan, but the university is much more today.  MU was established in 1966, upon approval of, the Ministry of Education. The original name was MeiHo Junior College of Nursing and it was a five-year day program and all the students of the college majored in nursing. In 1984, the two-year day program was established. In 1990, the Department of Finance and Tax was established; two-year-college evening program was set up, and the school changed its name to Mei-Ho Junior College of Nursing and Management. In 1999, the school changed its name to Mei-Ho Institute of Technology, and it also had junior college programs. In 2010, the school was approved to be renamed "MeiHo University (MU)".

From the establishment of the school in 1966, there was only one department (the Nursing Department) with approximately 300 students. Because of the dedicated, hard-working, Board of Directors, Presidents, Faculty and Staff, today MU has 18 departments and three graduate institutes: : Graduate Institutes of Business and Management, Health care, Applied Health and Biotechnology.

Bachelor Degree Programs

Department of Nursing, .Department of Health Business Administration, .Department of Beauty Science, .Department of Biological Science, .Department of Food Science and Nutrition, .Department of Hospitality Management, .Department of Finance, Department of Business Administration, .Department of Information Management, .Department of Information Technology, .Department of Applied Foreign Languages, .Department of Social Work, .Department of Gemology, .Department of Child Service, .Department of Gerontological Service and Management, , Department of Culture and Creativity, Department of Recreation Sports and Health Promotion, and the Department of Tourism.