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Student Testimonials

Vietnamese student Jojo (currently in a Taiwan university graduate program, shown in picture with Meiho’s American teacher): I now still feel thankful to all the professors and Pingtung people. When I first got to Meiho University, I was nervous and homesick. But the people there were very kind and sweet, especially my University Mommies and Daddies. They encouraged me and helped me a lot not only in studying but also in my social life. Once again, thank you everyone. Because of you all, I grew up!


Vietnamese student Maretta (currently back in Vietnam, shown here with American teacher on graduation day)


"Because I’m an exchange student between Meiho and Foreign Trade University in Vietnam, I just spent two years studying in Meiho . That seems to be not a long time enough to experience everything, but I think it was an unforgettable time in my life. Studying in Meiho, I had chances to meet many foreign friends and know about their lifestyle and culture, especially Taiwanese friends. They are so friendly and enthusiastic to help me and other Vietnamese students from the beginning days we came to Taiwan. I also never forget the lovely teachers in the finance department. I found that they are so nice. Studying with their teaching, I feel so happy. They were always willing to answer our questions when we hadn’t understood lessons yet and willing to take us to the doctor’s office when we were sick. I really miss Meiho, miss my teachers and friends, miss the time we were together with Christmas party, Meiho’s birthday and the trips to go around Taiwan. I think that is a fate for me to know and study in Meiho, to meet nice teachers, nice friends. Choosing Meiho is a right decision!"

Vietnamese student Daniel Le (currently in Taiwan enrolled in graduate school, shown in front in white shirt during Halloween party at English Club)


The first time I came to Meiho is also the first time I went abroad. Everything was almost different with my country, I even could not fall in line with the people during the first days because my poor Chinese. Luckily, Taiwanese were very kind and friendly: Since they knew I am not Taiwanese, they use body language to help me understand and become friends with me. Especially, Meiho ’s teachers facilitated our class’s Chinese by providing us with many of Chinese’s courses, and guiding us to go many places of Taiwan with landscapes and Taiwanese companies,… So I got my progress of Chinese very fast. And now, I could use Chinese fluently, I got my chance in applying on some job that Chinese required. At the present, I am studying in National Yunlin University Science and Technology- one of the most famous universities in Taiwan.I would like to say thank you to everyone for this chance, because without your help this will not be possible.