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The dormitory is available for international students of graduate institutes. The dormitory, Chih-mei-hsuan , is located by South Campus which features 12 floors comprised of suites, each room connected with a bathroom. Chih-ho-hsuan  is located at the south campus. There are several lounges in the center for entertaining guests, studying, relaxing or watching TV. Each floor contains a laundry area that includes three washers and one dryer. Our residence halls are very safe and, in fact, may provide the safest environment in the area. 

Regulations of Dormitory for International Students
1.          To maintain a positive living environment, international students who live in the student dormitory are asked to follow the following regulations.
2.          The dormitory is available for every international student of graduate institutes. 
3.          One international student will be chosen to serve as the main contact for the other international student residents.  This person will be responsible for contacting all international students and managing their affairs of dormitory.  Duties include: 
3.1         To be responsible for arranging and keeping bedrooms clean.
3.2         To be responsible for borrowing and keeping public property.
3.3         To be a representative at meetings and arrange affairs with other divisions of MIT.
4.          Not to live in the dormitory until finishing procedures of applying for dormitory.
5.          Dormitory residents must follow these regulations: 
5.1         To follow the instructions of the dormitory managers   
5.2         Not to enter others’ rooms without permission
5.3         To protect pubic facilities.
5.4         To inform dormitory management and to complete the procedures to ask for several days away from the dormitory according to regulations, and to return at the appointed time    
5.5         Not to make any changes to bed placement
5.6         Not allow your relatives or friends to stay in dormitory rooms 
5.7         Not to set any electronic equipment in rooms without the manager’s permission. 
5.8         Not to nail into the walls or stick any posters and photos to the walls of dorm rooms.  
5.9         Not to make excessive noise in rooms.
5.10     To switch off lights, air conditioners and fans, when room is unoccupied     
5.11     To keep everything in order and clean in the rooms.
5.12     To be quiet and avoid speaking loudly or using mobile phones after bed time.  
5.13     Not to raise any pets.
5.14     Not to smoke, fight, gamble, drink alcohol or abuse drugs.
5.15     Not allowed to commit criminal activities.
6.          If students do not follow above items, they will be punished. The most serious punishment is to be expelled from the dormitory.
7.          At times, students will need to assemble together.  
8.          Guests are allowed for limited time on the first floor, but they are not allowed to enter resident’s rooms.
9.          Personal appearance is to be maintained.
10.      The bathroom
10.1     To keep bathrooms clean and avoid plugging up the pipes.
10.2     To save the water and turn off taps, when not in use.
10.3     Not allowed to take a shower in Chih-ho-hsuan  (致和軒) after 23:00.