College of Nursing

1. Department of Nursing
2. Master Program in Transdisciplinary Long-Term Care




College of Health Science 
and Management

1. Department of Information Technology
2. Department of Beauty Science
3. Department of Health Business Administration
4. Department of Biological Science and Technology
5. Department of Food Science and Nutrition
6. Department of Business Administration
7. Department of Information Management
8. Department of Oral Hygiene
9. Department of Culture Creativity

College of Human Ecology

1. Department of Tourism
2. Department of Social Work
3. Department of Hospitality Management
4. Department of Sports and Leisure Management


Department of Nursing

Courses are designed to encompass the three major fields of the medical system in addition to the cultivation of competent students . The purpose is to provide both nursing care and the managerial proficiency in communal preventive healthcare and aftercare . The distinctive features of the education of the department include:

1. Integrating humanities , professional theories and professional knowledge in the curricula :
2. Applying instructional strategies and approache to enhance student capability in critical thinking and problem - solving ; and Emphasizing the combination and application of both theory and practice to address to local district demands.


Department of Food Science and Nutrition

Full-equiped facilities: Equipped with a food factory simulation system, we aim to develop new products by cooperating with the food industry. High employment rate: Faculty members, with rich hands-on work experience, help their students achieve many official certifications. The courses will provide spcialized knowledge along with practice to push the job search rate to 90% and even higher.


Department of Business Administration

To meet the demands of dynamic business environment, the Department of Business Administration emphasizes theory and practice in cultivating future manager and business leaderships. The program focuses upon four disciplines (human resource management, financial management, e-Commerce, and marketing) to develop students' basic skills, expand their ability to understand complex business situations, and direct them to achieve a level of overall maturity and sophistication expected of a business professional. For students with particular industry interests, the Department of Business Administration also has interdisciplinary programs focusing the health industry and the leisure recreational industry.



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